What To Consider Before A Merger

Your lawyer—or a team of lawyers—will handle the legal aspects of a business merger. By choosing a firm experienced in mergers and acquisitions, you will receive advice on everything from deal structure to applicable regulations. They are there to assist you through the entirety of the process. As a business owner, many factors go into your decision of whether to pursue a merger. Two businesses combine to give their Read More

Founder Compensation Options

The startup is built around the founding members, their drive, and their devotion to bringing their business to life. It’s about turning the intangible into liquid assets. And maybe even more important, the founders determine how this happens. Everything from the values that serve as the bedrock to the company’s culture begins with them.  Startups are shaped differently, but there is a common thread built around the Read More

How To Build A Contract

Although nothing is preventing you from creating a DIY contract, you take on risk by doing so. Understanding the pieces of a contract gives you the ability to ask your attorney the right questions.  The law is the law, but attorneys have unique approaches to solving legal issues for their clients. A basic understanding of contracts combined with your attorney’s explanation allows you to know how you are Read More

Handling A DWI In Minnesota

Don’t presume that you are guilty. People assume that DWIs are objective, meaning there is no room to question the charges. Under some circumstances, a DWI is a felony. As serious as the offense and repercussions are, that doesn’t eliminate your rights—including your chance to present a defense. There are four different degrees of DWI charges in Minnesota. The severity of the punishments may deter you from drinking Read More

Protect Your Business and Your Employees

As a business owner, protecting your employees and safeguarding your business from lawsuits can be the same. Taking care of the people that work for you should never be overlooked. Let’s look at two widespread issues that arise in the workplace and how to prevent them. Discrimination  We spend a significant amount of our time either at home or at work. For some, they come home for a few hours, sleep, and then return Read More

Is Bitcoin Real?

Unless you were born recently, the concept of how we pay for things has been settled for most of our lives. We use dollars.  If you live in Europe, you use Euros.  All we have known is government backed currencies since the beginning of the twentieth century.  And we believed that the idea of money was settled.  In 2009, however, a mystery figure named Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin.  In the beginning, it was Read More

When Should I Sue?

If you have a dispute with a business or another person, you may be wondering when the right time to sue is. You want to make the decision that makes the most financial sense. If you pursue legal action too quickly, are you going to potentially lose more time and money? Are there steps to consider beforehand that will allow you to obtain a favorable outcome without going into a courtroom?  There are several sources Read More

Why Have Terms & Conditions On Your Website?

Does your company post its standard Terms and Conditions on its website? If your response to this questions is “What are Terms and Conditions?” then please continue reading. Without a Terms and Conditions Agreement, there are no established rules or guidelines for how your customers and the public interact with your company and its website. There are other names that this agreement can go by: Terms of Service Read More

Choosing The Right Entity For Your Business

The right business entity can protect both you and your business. When you start or form one, you need to decide on how it will be structured—and this brings us to choosing the correct business entity.  Why are we putting such a large emphasis on this? This will determine how your business functions, how it will make major decisions, and how it will be taxed.    What Is An Entity? An entity is an organization that Read More

The Difference Between A Merger And An Acquisition

Because these two words commonly appear alongside one another with the word “and” in-between them, it is completely understandable to think they mean the same thing. This, of course, is not true. To solidify your understanding of the terms, we will explain what each one means and then give a real-world example of each.   A Merger This is a legal term for when two different companies merge. The reason for this Read More