Cryptocurrency’s Impact On The Economy

Could cryptocurrency replace the U.S. dollar? There are too many evolving variables to make a finite conclusion, but too many interesting additional questions arise from that possibility to ignore. For instance, cryptocurrency is a broad term. When you ask someone how many different types there are, they will likely be way off. They may talk about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and maybe even Tether. However, there are close to Read More

Executive Orders Land On A Decentralized Currency

Cryptocurrencies are one example of a digital asset—and most of which are gaining traction in terms of acceptance and use. Blockchain technology, something we have discussed in past articles, is the bedrock in which these currencies can exist and be used. Additionally, it lent itself to being a decentralized currency, meaning it didn’t require oversight from a third party or government organization to be spent or Read More

Considerations For Asset & Stock Sales

Previously, we explained how to dissolve a business properly. If you only needed one reason to do so (and there are several), it was because it limited your liability. Dissolving is not the only option for those who wish to leave their business. You can sell it. However, there are two different ways this can happen: Asset Sale: Buyer receives the assets and liabilities Stock Sale: Buyer purchases the owner’s Read More

Protecting Your Business Through Trademarks

Amazon is the most valued brand in the world. Their annual revenue is over $400 billion. And everything you have come to like (or dislike) about the company gets triggered each time you see their trademarked logo: their company’s name with a line from A to Z. That design is what gets you and everyone else to think about their products, services, and values simply by viewing it. Their simple drawing is legally Read More

The Disputes That Hit The Hardest

Disputes happen. Unfortunately, they can occur internally as quickly as they can arise externally. Identifying where your conflicts come home is your first step toward preventing them from devolving into litigation. If limiting the money that you spend on items that don’t produce income is key to being financially successful (which it is), consider litigation a significant threat.  Each of these disputes can be Read More

Dissolving Your Business

There are steps you need to take. Those planning to dissolve their businesses—especially their first one—often ask if they can just walk away. The lease ends, you clear the space, and you simply stop running a business.  If you don’t take the proper steps, you could leave yourself open to potential lawsuits. For example, imagine that you own a business that builds homes. You decide to close the company after you Read More

Your Guide To NDAs

It is very common for new entrepreneurs to want to protect their business. To turn an idea into a profitable business takes a level of dedication and commitment that some may not be willing to give. When you put that much of yourself into a business, you want that effort to create something that lasts.  Many entrepreneurs consider the possibility of using non-compete, non-solicitation, and non-disclosure agreements Read More

Buy-Sell Agreements…WTF (What’s That For?)

If you own a corporation and have one or more partners or shareholders, you need to strongly consider creating a buy/sell agreement. Though it is impossible to know what the future holds, you still have an opportunity to prepare for it. Think of buy/sell agreements as a tool to accomplish that. When you and your partner draft a buy/sell agreement, you lay the groundwork for a transition if your partner passes away or Read More

What Is A Patent?

Patents are granted to protect something you invented. When you receive a patent, the federal government will prohibit others from creating and selling your invention. If they do, they will be doing so with your permission, or you will have grounds to file a lawsuit. Patents exist to give financial and economic incentives to inventors like yourself. If you invent something of value, you are entitled to reap the Read More

How to Avoid Common Shareholder Disagreements

When most people hear the term shareholder, they think of large corporations that are traded on the stock market. It is true that each investor into these companies is a shareholder, and each shareholder has certain rights and responsibilities. What many people overlook, however, is that even with small and medium sized private companies, there are often shareholders. If you and a friend start a business, it is Read More