Getting Your Record Expunged In Minnesota

Regardless of errors and past mistakes, there may be limits to how long they can follow you around. A criminal record may impact your ability to get a job, apply for housing or a line of credit, or even acquire specific licenses—some of which you may need for employment. If you have been convicted of a crime and have served your sentence, those charges may not have to remain public. 

Maybe you already have a great job that you enjoy. Why should you still invest the time to have your records sealed? Because a criminal conviction may limit your opportunities. Should something happen to your current position, the more options you have for work, the better your chances of building a life for yourself. 

Am I Eligible?

If you were tried and convicted in Minnesota, numerous offenses are eligible to be sealed—meaning they will no longer be public. All of which are outlined in detail within Minnesota statutes. 

  • Specified controlled substance offenses
  • Juveniles who have been tried as adults
  • And a significant number of criminal proceedings

The last point does not apply to convictions that require registration. Though there are dozens of sections and chapters in the Minnesota statutes that list out which crimes can be expunged, it is imperative that you not engage in criminal activity following your sentence. 

For instance, you cannot be convicted of a new crime for two years if you were previously convicted of a petty misdemeanor or misdemeanor. As the severity of the crime increases, the longer you need to have a clean record. For a felony conviction, you cannot be convicted of a new crime for at least five years. 

The time usually begins when you have been discharged from the previous crime. For example, if you were sentenced to a year of probation, that year will not count towards your eligibility. After you have completed your probationary period, the designated waiting period begins. 

It should be noted that there are exceptions to the waiting period. Even if you were charged with a felony, having the case dismissed or getting acquitted of the charges may potentially allow you to forgo the waiting period. 

Neve Webb

The best way to have a clean record is to fight to keep it clean. If you have been charged with a crime, contact Neve Webb immediately. We have over a decade’s worth of experience representing clients who have been accused of assault, domestic violence, drug-related crimes, DUIs, and more. 

You deserve a defense generated by a professional attorney, and it would be our honor to deliver that for you. Contact Neve Webb to schedule your consultation.

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