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As a business owner, protecting your employees and safeguarding your business from lawsuits can be the same. Taking care of the people that work for you should never be overlooked. Let’s look at two widespread issues that arise in the workplace and how to prevent them.


We spend a significant amount of our time either at home or at work. For some, they come home for a few hours, sleep, and then return to work. Employees deserve to feel safe at work. And you want them to feel good about being a part of your business. 

Discrimination is judging a person by a set of irrelevant characteristics to their ability to perform the job. Here are some examples of these traits and attributes:

  • Age 
  • Gender 
  • Disability 
  • Race
  • Religion 
  • Sexual Orientation

Before we go over how to prevent this from happening in your workplace, understand that there are situations when these characteristics may be considered for hiring purposes. For example, a private Jesuit high school may choose to only hire Jesuit instructors. 

Now, this school may be turning people away based on religion. In the same way, a college that only accepts women considers gender in their selection process. A casting director might be looking for an older person for a role. Sometimes characteristics play a role.  


Harassment is unwanted conduct you receive due to many of the same characteristics listed above. The actions could be hostile and abusive—and sometimes, the employee is put in a place where he thinks he must endure mistreatment to continue being employed.

Harassment can also come as a result of filing a complaint. There is also quid pro quo sexual harassment in which an employee is expected to trade sexual favors for something—e.g., to remain employed, get better hours, or better treatment.

Create A Handbook

A handbook is an excellent method for establishing policies and procedures. It not only ensures that everyone has something to reference, but it demonstrates your compliance with labor laws. 

When creating your employee handbook, the language you use—or don’t use—could stand between you and legal dispute later. It could include everything from termination procedures, dress code, remediation, and your position on discrimination and harassment.   

It is highly recommended that you speak to an attorney who understands and works with businesses and employment issues. As well-intentioned as someone may be, your employees could interpret the handbook in a way you hadn’t accounted for. There are scenarios where employees assume that if they follow the guidelines put forth in the handbook, they cannot be terminated. 

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