Three Reasons to Review Your Contract with an Attorney

When you go into business deals without contracts in place, or with contracts that have not been reviewed by an attorney, you risk some serious consequences. The other party may get away with failing to fulfill the promises you thought they agreed to. Your contract might not hold up in a court of law, and you could face lawsuits. You could also find out you’ve agreed to do or pay something you did not intend to do or pay. A list of the possible consequences of a weak contract could go on and on, but the bottom line is that whether you’re dealing with an employment contract, a contract with another business, or a contract with a client, having an attorney draft or review it for you is greatly beneficial. 

1. Save money.

Lawyers are familiar with typical contract terms, giving them a strong understanding of where the terms can be altered in your favor. 

Additionally, the cost of hiring a lawyer to review your contract is far lower than the cost of going to court because you were hit by a lawsuit that could have been prevented if you used a stronger contract. 

2. Enforceability.

Many people who use generic contracts found online quickly realize that the document they thought would protect them isn’t even enforceable. Many generic contracts include terms that are so vague that they’re impossible to enforce. A contract needs to have specific terms regarding things like how to terminate the contract, what happens if one party breaches the contract, and much more. If you find yourself in a situation that is not addressed in your contract, it’s usually very bad for everyone involved. An attorney can help you prevent that from happening!

3. Fresh perspective.

In a lot of ways, drafting a contract is like many other types of writing projects and many other types of business projects. When you work on it on your own without outside perspective, you can become blind to your own errors. Having a fresh set of eyes to look at your contract can help you avoid blatant mistakes you don’t even realize you’re making. And when that fresh perspective comes from someone with a wide range of legal knowledge, it’s a winning combination.

Draft and Review Your Contracts with Experienced Minnesota Attorneys

At Neve Webb, we have extensive experience helping our clients draft and review their contracts. We offer our clients understandable, straightforward communication, accessibility, responsiveness, and proactive planning of contingencies to anticipate and address potential twists and turns. To discuss your business law needs with us, give us a call at (952) 746-2400.

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